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The COVID-19 Trends and Impact Survey

The Delphi Group at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Maryland Social Data Science Center partnered with Facebook to launch the COVID-19 Trends and Impact Survey (CTIS) in April 2020. From vaccine hesitancy and barriers to vaccination to mask use and contacts outside the home, our insights continue to provide a clear and holistic view of the pandemic and the rate at which it’s changing. As of June 25, 2022, CTIS will no longer collect new survey data, but historical data will remain available. Please reference the Global CTIS FAQ and U.S. CTIS FAQ for additional information.

Survey Highlights

Our ongoing survey has garnered over 100 million responses in 130+ countries and territories — and counting.
Unlike other surveys that may remain static, the CTIS adapts to reflect changes in the pandemic and the needs of public health officials and responders.
With new responses coming in around the clock, our daily survey data reports are near real-time (available 1-2 days after collection) to enable faster and more informed decision making.

The Data to Do More Good

Find out more about the different data options we provide and how we’ve built them to support your specific needs:

Government, NGOs, Development Banks

Our survey insights continue to help public health officials, policymakers and more make critical decisions on where to send resources and monitor how changes in population dynamics can impact the continued spread of COVID-19. Connect with us to learn more about our data and get a demo of the many survey tools available.

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Academic & Non-Profit Researchers

Conducting your own analysis? We offer free non-aggregated survey data under a data license agreement to support your ongoing COVID-19 research. And applying for it is easy.

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General Public

With the latest aggregate data available from the University of Maryland, Carnegie Mellon University, CSV and API, we offer free access to the world’s largest population-based COVID-19 health study.

U.S. Aggregate Data

Provided by Carnegie Mellon University.

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Non-U.S. Aggregate Data

Provided by the University of Maryland.

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Our Survey Hosts

Our academic partners make all of our efforts possible. The University of Maryland and Carnegie Mellon University gather the input on survey instruments that is needed to continually provide scientists, researchers, policymakers, members of the press and the general public with detailed reports on the pandemic so we can provide a global view of where—and how—it’s changing.

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